Navigating Business

As a business owner accepting that your business is in difficulty and knowing how to deal with it are often the hardest things you will ever have to deal with.  The stress of the situation and worry about what the future will bring often lead us into inactivity until it is too late.

The reality is that rarely is any one person or thing responsible for a business failing, it is more likely to be through an unfortunate mix of circumstances. Whatever the reasons, there are three key things Business Recovery South West can help you with to ensure you meet your legal obligations to your creditors, and give yourself the opportunity to get back on your feet.

  1. Deal with the situation, with empathy and understanding
  2. Help you to develop a plan to get back on your feet
  3. Broker a legally binding agreement with your creditors

Once you sign the letter of engagement you no longer have to deal with the people you owe money to, we will speak them on your behalf and take that stress away. You can once again begin to think about a future beyond the current situation.

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