Restructuring Advice

The earlier a business talks to us the greater the chance of continuing to trade. Whether it be a short-term cash flow issue or an industry downturn, our team are here to help.

Advice for Directors

We offer a free consultation because we know your business is unique. We want to spend the time to fully undertand your position so that we offer advice specifically tailored to you.

Personal Debt Options

Individual? Couple?
Sole Trader? Homeowner?
Worried how you are going to pay your bills each month? Let us help you find a solution that suits your needs.

Business Exit Options

We help everyone from solvent business owners looking to retire in the most tax efficient way to business owners who have hit hard times and need advice on closure options.

Why talk to us?

Why talk to us?

The sooner you take action the more chance you have to rescue your business. It doesn’t mean you have given up, in fact it demonstrates the opposite. That you are seeking professional help to resolve the situation.

Tech Solutions had been trading for over 20 years, but due to ill health, John the owner of the...
A contractor might decide to close their company using the Members’ Voluntary Liquidation (MVL) process if he or she...
Yes. We always offer a Free Consultation. We will spend the time to go through your circumstances and give you a specific recommendation. If you decide to move forward with our recommendation, we will confirm any costs involved in writing, before accepting your instructions. If there are sufficient assets in the business it will be possible to recover our fees from the business, at no cost to the Directors personally.
It is important that you take prompt action to prevent the CCJ being enforced by Bailiffs. Call us straight away to get immediate advice.
If you have given a Personal Guarantee for any business debts, then firstly the creditor will look to be repaid from the assets of the business, through the Liquidation. If the business assets are insufficient to repay the debt in full then the creditor (usually the bank) can take action against you personally. We can discuss the best way to approach a personal guarantee with you because there may be additional options available to you.